Philosophy and Religion News Digest 6th March 2015

Here’s this week’s news digest. We had the Quilliam Foundation here last night, giving a talk about de-radicalization; a good thematic link to the debate about extremism on UK university campuses. Thanks as ever, @Welly_Library:

Worried when science plays God? It’s only natural

Dean of Chichester who was a gifted pastor and, amid much hostility, encouraged women priests

The Very Reverend John Treadgold – obituary


On the blacklist: how did the UK’s top building firms get secret information on their workers?

Government row over ban on extremist speakers on university campuses

What does it feel like to die?


What scares the new atheists


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Philosophy and Religion News Digest 2nd March 2015

Here’s this week’s news digest. Some great stories – fascinated by the Buddhist meditation mummy (I had a chance to quiz a Buddhist monk about this earlier today, in fact!). Enjoy.

Hugh Grant: This victory for free speech exposes newspaper bosses and Tory ministers as its enemy

Drone warfare: life on the new frontline


Iranian woman wins rights award for hijab campaign


Church jobs paying less than living wage is embarrassing, says Justin Welby


The Syria-bound schoolgirls aren’t jihadi devil-women, they’re vulnerable children


Homeless man to be buried inside the Vatican for the first time in Holy See history

Thousands sacrifice their privacy to help DNA study


Mummified monk revealed inside 1,000-year-old Buddha statue

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Philosophy and Religion News Digest 13th February 2015

Brilliant stuff for Philosophy and Religion in the news this week. I am enjoying the debate about humanism in the school curriculum. Weird and wonderful stuff about Samsung TVs spying on us (I actually have one of those …). Thanks as ever to @Welly_Library.

Rowan Williams: teach about non-belief in school Religious Studies classes

Pope Francis: parents can smack their children for bad behaviour

Pope Francis told to hand priests over to police as new Vatican child abuse commission starts work


Why are we obsessed with the Nazis?

‘I held his hand as he drank the fatal dose': the day my husband chose to die

Safe space or free speech? The crisis around debate at UK universities


Loneliness major middle class problem says Church

Samsung rejects concern over ‘Orwellian’ privacy policy

The great internet swindle: ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Muslim rule and compass: the magic of Islamic geometric design

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Philosophy and Religion news digest 6th Feb 2015

A great mix of stories this week. Particularly important is the UK legislation for (genetically) three parent babies. Thanks as ever to the Wellington College Library.

Scientists accuse Church of ignorance over three parent babies

Big increase in religious slaughter of animals – Muslim campaigners reject use of stunning. Activists call for an end to non-stun animal slaughter


Iranian film on prophet Muhammad set for premiere

Shuja Shafi, head of the Muslim Council of Britain: ‘We’ve never claimed to speak for everyone’


Yuval Noah Harari: the theatre of terror


Ice church built on Romanian mountain


Antisemitic attacks in UK at highest level ever recorded

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Philosophy and Religion News Digest 1st February 2015

Fewer stories this week, but some good / important ones.

Libby Lane: not quite a Viking raid, but York sees history in the Minster

MPs’ move could outlaw gender abortion within months


How do we keep girls safe?


Legalise three-parent babies, scientists tell MPs

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Philosophy and Religion News Digest 23rd January 2015

A bumper week for Philosophy and Religion news – the debate about free speech rumbles on. On the one hand, you have Raif Badawi being flogged for blogging, on the other the Pope is trying to think about some of the limits of free expression. Good philosophy stuff on consciousness also. Thanks as ever to @Well_Library

Free Raif Badawi – Nobel Laureates demand justice for writer flogged and jailed for daring to criticise Saudi clerics

Pope Francis: freedom of expression has limits


Vicars face end to job ‘for life’ culture as Church of England fights extinction

Prof Winston warns assisted dying will put pressure on ‘fragile and distressed’ elderly

Government tells mosques: force out the preachers of hate

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi’s case referred to supreme court, says his wife


Guantánamo Diary: ‘The torture squad was so well trained that they were performing almost perfect crimes’

Antisemitism fears grow in UK’s Jewish communities after Paris shootings

After the Paris attacks: It’s time for a new Enlightenment


Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

Women keep the faith as majority of men say they do not believe in God


Shopping, pay rises and nice houses make us miserable – Archbishop

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Philosophy and Religion News Digest 16th January 2015

Here’s this week’s stories. I have some sympathy with Pullman’s comments on the language of the Bible. Not sure we can read too much into the rise of British Jews moving to Israel – the absolute numbers are still very low.

Well, enjoy:

The Paris attackers hijacked Islam but there is no war between Islam and the west


Global outrage at Saudi Arabia as jailed blogger receives public flogging


Laughing in the face of danger: the state of satire in the Muslim world


Archbishop of York says politicians obsessed with ‘beguiling Middle England’

Modern Bible is too dull, says Philip Pullman

Sharp rise in British Jews emigrating to Israel

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