Philosophy and Religion News Digest 13th February 2015

Brilliant stuff for Philosophy and Religion in the news this week. I am enjoying the debate about humanism in the school curriculum. Weird and wonderful stuff about Samsung TVs spying on us (I actually have one of those …). Thanks as ever to @Welly_Library.

Rowan Williams: teach about non-belief in school Religious Studies classes

Pope Francis: parents can smack their children for bad behaviour

Pope Francis told to hand priests over to police as new Vatican child abuse commission starts work


Why are we obsessed with the Nazis?

‘I held his hand as he drank the fatal dose’: the day my husband chose to die

Safe space or free speech? The crisis around debate at UK universities


Loneliness major middle class problem says Church

Samsung rejects concern over ‘Orwellian’ privacy policy

The great internet swindle: ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Muslim rule and compass: the magic of Islamic geometric design


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